Custom Home- Springvale


Design and build by Lancaster Homes.


Introducing our Peppermint drive project by Lancaster Homes – a captivating blend of classic Hampton design and the contemporary allure of Australian living. This project is a testament to our commitment to crafting homes that not only stand the test of time but also cater to the evolving needs of today’s families.

Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Hamptons, this residence seamlessly integrates the iconic coastal aesthetic with the functionality demanded by modern Australian households. As you step into this abode, you’ll immediately sense the airiness and sophistication that defines the Hampton style, adapted with precision to resonate with the discerning tastes of families seeking a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

Designed and built by Lancaster Homes, every aspect of this dwelling reflects our dedication to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful planning. From the inviting facade adorned with gabled roofs and James Hardie linea cladding to the meticulously curated interiors, each element has been chosen with precision to create a harmonious living space.

Inside, the open-concept layout beckons families to gather and create cherished memories. The heart of the home, a stylish and functional kitchen, seamlessly connects with the dining and living areas. This is not just a house; it’s a canvas where the aspirations of modern Australian families come to life.

Venture outdoors, and you’ll discover a space designed for relaxation and entertainment. The outdoor area, an extension of the home’s interior, features a covered alfresco space overlooking the backyard and gorgeous views beyond, offering an ideal setting for family gatherings and celebrations.

This Hampton-inspired residence by Lancaster Homes is more than just a house; it’s a testament to our commitment to creating homes that elevate the living experience. For families embarking on the journey of building their dream homes, our project serves as an inspiration, showcasing the seamless integration of classic design with the demands of modern Australian living.

Welcome to a home where timeless elegance meets contemporary comfort.

Is it possible to visit the construction site?

Site visits are permissible with the accompaniment of a Lancaster Homes representative. We strictly enforce our safety policy for all workers, suppliers, and site visitors to ensure everyone’s safety during the construction phase.

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