Dirnaseer Farmhouse

After many years in the making we are so proud to finally hand over the keys to this stunning farmhouse.

Set on the top of the hill on a rural Dirnaseer property the home was designed to take in the panoramic views across the surrounding landscape. With North facing living spaces the home is flooded with natural light and improved passive solar living.

Construction time: 9 Months

Is it possible to visit the construction site?

Site visits are permissible with the accompaniment of a Lancaster Homes representative. We strictly enforce our safety policy for all workers, suppliers, and site visitors to ensure everyone’s safety during the construction phase.

What if I decide to make changes after construction has started?
How can I monitor my home’s construction progress?
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Can I hire my own tradespeople or suppliers during construction?
What is the expected timeframe for building my home?
Will the contract price change after signing?
Is design and colour consultation available?
Will I incur any costs before construction begins?
What if I don’t have any specific design in mind?