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It is with pleasure we compose a testimonial regarding Lancaster Homes, particularly in regards to the quality home Baden, yourself and your team have built for Pauline and I.
Professionalism and collaboration, the approach Lancaster homes took to managing the process of our build and the support offered in building our dream home is outstanding.

Particularly in guiding us through the build process and with constant consultation.  The online management of our contract and inclusions was absolutely fantastic and easy to follow.

It was pleasing to see the simple but so important components of managing relationships between the builder and home owner was exceptional.  Simple things being how punctual, reliable, supportive and the collaborative approach of Lancaster Homes gave us every confidence that we truly selected the best “builder” for our home.  We particularly liked the ability of always feeling we were working with you.

An amazing strength of Baden is managing conflict resolution – Baden and the entire Lancaster Homes team always treated us with respect and clearly communicated items that could be accommodated and items that couldn’t.  Again the confidence this built in Pauline and I regarding Lancaster homes as the “right” builder for us was never compromised.
Baden and Renee, you have also built the same respect and professionalism with every aspect of your workforce.

However the greatest strength was the incredible mutually beneficial and respectful relationship that was built between Lancaster Homes, Pauline and I.
Renee, yourself, Baden and the entire Lancaster homes team are second to none!