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We first heard about Lancaster homes through word of mouth. The main source was from a family member who was building a house with Lancaster homes and detailed how great they were.

Not only did the recommendations from our family member and the town of Junee persuade us, but also the high stand of finishes that Lancaster homes were creating throughout Junee gave us a visual representation as to what we had in mind.

We custom designed a “signature” home with Lancaster homes. This process allowed us to put to life what we have dreamt about. Lancaster homes went above and beyond to assist us in this process, ensuring that our home would stand out from the crowd.

Lancaster homes standard inclusions and standard selections aren’t typical “standards.” They’re high-end, quality inclusions and selections which would usually be an upgrade with any other builder. If you want a beautiful, signature home you need to build with Lancaster homes.

Although we did upgrade a few things, they were extremely minor and only due to personal preference.

The client portal was extremely successful. Utilising technology to communicate and express ideas was amazing because it was all in the one spot. From documents, photos, invoices, messages, you name it we could do it all through the client portal system.

The time frame for design phase was April 2019 to September 2019 (approx. 5 months) and construction phase was November 2019 to end of march 2020 (approx. 5 months).
With Lancaster Homes we created an amazing, high-end, forever home with a local builder who generally cares about his work. Nothing was a silly question, Baden and his team allowed us to get everything and more out of building this home. We are so beyond happy about this whole process and can’t wait to start our next chapter in life. We cannot thank Lancaster homes enough and will definitely be telling friends, family and anyone else in-between that Lancaster homes built our new home.